Frequently Asked Questions

What can i expect on a sunday morning?

Our services normally run from 10:00am-12:00pm. The first hour is spent in worship, and the second hour is spent in the preaching of the Word.  

What should i wear to the awakening?

The dress at The Awakening is casual. T-shirts are welcome, and feel free to wear jeans or shorts!

What Will sunday morning be like for my kids?

The Awakening community places a high value on the presence of children during its gatherings. During the musical portion of our worship service, children of all ages are invited to encounter the Lord with their families and each other. After the musical portion of the service ends, children are released to toddler church or kids church.

What is your mission?

The Awakening exists to equip a community to release Heaven on Earth. 


What are your values?

We have set of values and their accompanying declarations provides the boundaries for our community. They were given to our leadership through a series of powerful events and cultivated over time to reflect the heart of the Father and the culture of the Kingdom. Feel free to visit the Our Culture section to read through our community values!


Where do you meet?

We meet in the gym at the YWCO off of Research Drive in Athens, GA. Parking is available on site.

What denomination is the awakening?

We are a nondenominational church. We love connecting with churches of all denominations in the Athens area.