Gifts, Personality, and Calling Tools



The DISC Assessment is a personality strengths test. This assessment is free and examines how an individual stands in four areas of behavior - dominance, inducement, submission and compliance. This assessment is designed for those who want to both identify and maximize their strengths.


Gallup’s CliftonStrengths is an online talent assessment that is helpful in discovering what you do best and how you are created. You can learn about your strengths from your customized assessment results. This assessment is $19.99 for identifying and learning about your top 5 strengths. Additional options for coaching are also available.


Destiny Finder is an assessment that helps one discover their gifts, passions, dreams, and calling. It is Biblically-based and focuses on highlighting your gifts in order to help you discover your God-given potential. The initial assessment is free, and the additional $29 "Profiler” focuses on several gifts associated more specifically with ministry.