Communal Events

These exist to promote organic, sincere community in The Awakening and its neighbors. Currently, the following are in season:


Married Couples Gatherings

Married couples in the Awakening have potlucks and fun outings to support and sustain real friendships outside of Sunday mornings.

For more information, text "Couples" to (706) 705-4304.


women's gatherings

The women of The Awakening gather several times throughout the year for fun outings, activities, and nights of fellowship!

For more information, text "Women" to (706) 705-4304.


Call to War

Call to War is a movement of the men at The Awakening for the purpose of raising a standard for their families. This looks like times of gathering for prayer and intercession as well as fellowship. 

For more information, text "War" to (706) 705-4304.



The first Thursday of every month, we will gather and head out into the community. These initiatives vary in location (but are always in the Athens area).

For more information, text "Outreach" to (706) 705-4304.


Church Wide Events

These are times where the whole Church gathers to fellowship and encounter the Lord Jesus!

For an overarching view of all our upcoming events, please consult the Awakening 2019 Calendar.