What is Your Yes?        

MISSION TRIPS, COMMUNITY OUTREACH, VOLUNTEER WORK, SENDING FINANCES, INTERCESSION TEAMS!  There are so many opportunities to say, “Yes!” to the needs surrounding your life and your community.  We want to do so much because our heart keeps growing yet with the demand of daily life and at times the multiple places to serve, we can end up feeling lost and not doing very much or feeling overwhelmed. 

“What is your YES” will help you define who you are and give you wisdom on what part you play when opportunities present themselves.  We will teach you how to navigate through which ones are optional and which are a requirement.  Then, once you have learned how and when to say yes, we will equip you in practical tools to manage life’s daily necessities with the call He has placed on your life.  

God has called you.  No matter what place you are in, who you are, or what your call is this workshop will help you in revelatory and practical ways to press in to God’s heart for your life as you say YES to Him and YES to His call on your life!


Friday, February 6 : doors open at 6pm

Session 1: 6:30 -9:30pm



Saturday, February 7 Doors open at 9am 

Session 2 : 9:30 - 10:30am 

*** 15 minute break ***

Session 3 : 10:45 -12 noon

***1 hour lunch break *** 

Session 4: 1:00 - 2:20pm

*** 10 minute break ***

Session 5: 2:30 - 3:30pm

Session Q&A : 3:30 -4:00pm 


$35 per individual - early bird price 

$55 per married couple - early bird price

(registration deadline is January 23; lunch is included in the price)


$40 per individual - after early bird registration (lunch included)

$70 per married couple - after early bird registration (lunch included)



Why Soul anchors are important

(a believers life is not to mimic another believer's or hero's but to discover his / her own keys (anchors) on how to walk in success)



There is GRACE enough


When to say YES and when to say NO


Practical tools to manage daily life, relationships and your call well

How your YES affects eternity

Bob and Kimberly Johnson Ministries

Kimberly carries a gift of encouragement and releases hope; casting vision and igniting the dreamer within; equipping you with practical tools for seeing those dreams come to reality.

Bob carries a breaker anointing that releases Father’s heart moving orphans into Sonship. Bob is passionate about the body of Christ BECOMING “The Message”; equipping you with practical tools and insights for YOU being the answer to this orphaned planet.

Bob & Kimberly are working towards one united body coming together for the purpose of the lost, finding identity in family and saying yes to the call of the orphan. They dream of a world with no more orphans!

Bob and Kimberly currently live in Redding, California and passionately pursue the Father’s heart as a part of Bethel Church. Bob and Kimberly have four children, Cade age 5, Ari age 3, Elisha age 2 and Sadie who was born in December and they just adopted Ellie 4months old :) They are forerunners in the Spirit of Adoption movement.